A tour in New York? Dream! A virtual tour food? Reality! Pancakes (by pan fried and sweet cake) with strawberries in the beautiful Manhattan location? Wow!
Just arrived immergerei me a guide to discover the best coffee shops in the Big Apple where you can taste the most delicious pancakes in town.
The breakfast in these places is a real ritual.
The pancakes, in fact, are served in generous portions, together with fresh fruit and bowls of butter and maple syrup.
For example, there is a bar in Manhattan where he was shot one of the funniest scenes of the American film industry, or the moment of encounter between Henry and Sally, in the movie.
A sign on a table indicates the exact place where the two actors were seated, so the pancakes can be eaten by a big jump in the atmosphere 80 years!Waiting for the trip to New York and sweet of my playlist, I begin to prepare pancakes “made by le petit”: soft fritters made with eggs, milk, flour, baking powder and vanilla flavor and topped with the most appetizing flavors.
And now, greedy shots!
Thank you so much Shirley♥

Pancakes with strawberries

1 egg
100 g flour 00
20 g caster sugar
1 cup of yogurt
3 tablespoons milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon baking soda


maple syrup

The egg mixed with yogurt, milk and scented with vanilla.
Ultimate with the sifted flour mixed with baking soda.
Let stand for 15 minutes so as to allow the activation of the leavening.
Heat a lightly buttered pan for crêpes.
Pour a ladleful of the mixture and proceed to cooking.
When the top turns golden brown.
To make a sweet lactose can replace whole milk with lactose-free milk and yogurt with yogurt lactose.
Enriched with strawberries, blueberries and maple syrup or with the fruit that you like best.
Ideal for breakfast and for brunch on sundays.
Hello everyone and the next breakfast american style!