Good morning petit friends who love cibo per il cuore

To be continued … the course from Eataly with my nephew Ascanio ♥
Today, I propose, the second and last course recipe: baked sofficini.
Sofficini, we know, are “the undisputed principles of the children’s menu and not only”.
They can be filled with  a thousand variations. Spinach and  cheese, provola and  cooked ham  tomato and mozzarella, mushrooms and seitan, and what you like best.
Do we cook together?


Before leaving the recipe, a petit cadeau, the nursery rhyme from Le petit!

A laughing good morning
with the baked sofficini!
They eat them everywhere,
and in the final
a beautiful fruit.
Long live the sofficini
for young and old,
with ham and provola,
mozzarella and tomato
and what you like,
try to collect
and then rush to taste.

Baked sofficini


100 ml of whole milk
90 ml. of water
a pinch of salt
15 gr. of butter
15 gr. of 00 organic flour




50 gr. of butter
50 gr. of 00 organic flour
500 ml. of whole milk




100 gr. of cooked ham
100 gr. of fresh provola




2 eggs
80 gr. of breadcrumbs


For the bechamel sauce
1. Prepare the roux with butter and flour.
2. Add a pinch of salt and melt over low heat.
3.Add the flour and turn well with a whisk so that the lumps do not form.
4. Aromatize milk with nutmeg powder and a pinch of salt.
5. Observe the roux with milk.
6. Turn with the whisk to a boil.

P.S.) For a perfect béchamel sauce, in order to cook the flour it must reach a temperature of 93°

For sofficini
1.In a saucepan, put the milk, water, a pinch of salt and butter.
2.Do melt very sweet.
3. Add the flour to rain.
4. Stir with a spatula until a solid and homogeneous mixture is obtained.
5. Place the mixture on a work surface and start working it with your palms.
6. Mix until you get a smooth and even sphere.
7.Wrap it in a sheet of food foil.
8.Pray in the fridge for about an hour.

For the stuffing
1. Cut the diced provola.
2. Reduce the diced cooked ham.
3. In a bowl mix the béchamel with the ham and the provola and mix it all together.

And now the untidy mess takes shape
1. Divide the ball of dough into two petites spheres.
2. Spill the work surface with a little flour.
3.Take the dough with a rolling pin to obtain a thickness of 2 mm.
4.Take a dough cup and press in order to get all the same discs (Ascanio was very good ♥).

sofficini al forno
5. Stuffed by placing a nut of mixture in the middle of each sofficino.
6. Close them making the classic crescent shape.
7. Seal the ends by crushing with the fork tines.

sofficini al forno

1. In a bowl, beat the eggs with a whisk.
2. Immerse the sofficini.
3. Pass the sofficini into breading.
4. Place the parchment paper on a grid.
5. Add the sofficini and scent them with a few drops of oil.
6. Static baking at 180 degrees for about 10 minutes, as long as they will not turn out well golden.

For cooking, you can look at different variations: in the pan, in the microwave or fried.
In short, what you like best!
At the next gluttonous post!

 sofficini al forno


sofficini al forno