Good Sunday friends and friends who love pumpkin risotto!

Today, with this post, I finish the trio of recipes entirely dedicated to Halloween.
In this regard, here is to you, served on a silver tray, “the first of the first”: risotto with pumpkin and taleggio.
Two super-chefs in the kitchen are the architects of such goodness: Diego and Laura.
A marvel to see them cheerfully extricate themselves in the kitchen with a mega risotto that has enlivened the palate of us all!
In the meantime, a pumpkin pie expertly prepared by Alessio and Federica with appetizers & co.
A corollary, a location in Halloween style masterfully prepared by Laura: festoons, napkins, gadgets and a beautiful pumpkin, become a spectator unaware of a perfect evening.
After, the inevitable clicks, the risotto with pumpkin and taleggio is ready to be portioned and tasted!
In short, for this time, simply take pictures!
Thanks friends!

Risotto with pumpkin and taleggio cheese

1 kg of carnaroli rice
600 gr of pumpkin
vegetable broth
1 large onion
extra virgin olive oil
soy sauce
taleggio cheese

How to prepare pumpkin

1. Put the pumpkin on a cutting board, divide it into fairly thick slices and reduce to large pieces.
2. Detach the peel and deprive it of the central part rich in seeds and filaments.
3.Stuff the pumpkin.

And now the untidy mess takes shape

1. Prepare the vegetable stock with a coast of celery, carrot, parsley, rosemary and the aromas you like best.
2. Fry the oil with the onion, add salt, then add the rice.
3. Smell with white wine.
4. Combine the pumpkin.
5.Gradually add the broth with a ladle the vegetable stock over medium heat.
6.Add the soy sauce.
7.Ultimate with the taleggio cheese cut into small pieces.
8. Mix and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

Another way of pumpkin risotto? Click here and you’ll find out!

At the next appetizing post!