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Served on a silver tray “The Micro District Testaccio @ Work, Youth in Startup” inaugurated on April 05 at the Ciofs-FP Lazio headquarters.
The project under the patronage of the City Hall Rome / Center and the network of companies of d’Amore&d’Italia is designed to start on the territory of Testaccio a network of commercial and cultural activities capable of developing enterprise creation and job placement of young people through I start up, thus helping their empowerment in the labor market.

“Our main goal within the training project – explains Teodoro Mandato, Coaching Manager and Founder of the Amore & Business Network of Italy – is that young people experience practical experience as they learned in their professional studies course. Virtuous, able to combine the employment of young people in the hotel and tourist industry through the creation of a company”

 A concept “petit chefs grow up”

In this regard, two laboratories have been launched:
Pasta Fresca Gastronomic Laboratory”, a “craftsmanship” that ranges from the production, sale and supply of tortellini and other pasta to make “takeaway and catering” inside the winery and not only.


 – “Ideas Laboratory”, or “Professional Training”. With these “first steps”, a mapping of the commercial, social and cultural realities of the Testaccio district will be created, allowing a greater and more detailed knowledge of the territory.
A real start up to identify “business partners involved in the project” then join them to start performing work-creating activities.


What better way to communicate this project than with a “Rice and surroundings” cooking course led by the chef Renato Bernardi?

Overture two delicious appetizers: one rice stew base filled with one with salmon, cherry tomatoes and chives and the other with truffles, pumpkin flowers and zucchini to immediately create a liaison on the theme of the course.
Splendid appetizers!

And now let’s go live the risotto course!

What a marvel of “living the food” in professional kitchens.

Oversized fires, large pans to accommodate every quantity and quality of rice, scents that invade enthusiasm and smiles and happy spectators in the knowledge of the chef!
Dappling the paella, a typical Spanish dish, a party of colors, flavors and creativity.
Yes just like this! The chef urges us to use our creativity as the primary ingredient guided solely by the colors of the vegetables.
As for the enchantment, the chopping board is dressed in our imagination and precision!
A spit of oil in the skillet carefully chosen, the flame set to perfection and, three minutes, “dive our petites vegetables”, winking at our craving to learn!
So let’s start a dense journey of dedication and curiosity called “cooking”.



From these “first steps in the world of rice” I have tasted your goodness?
Then, here a “petit cadeau“, the complete recipe for chef Renato Bernardi’s paella.

Paellachef  Renato Bernardi”

350 gr. rice ribe
vegetable broth
extra virgin olive oil
2 zucchini
1 pepper
5 tomatoes
4 shrimp

1. Place in a roast rice with the vegetable broth that will have to overcome the layer of the rice of two fingers
2.Copy with the foil paper.
3. Ventilated oven oven at 180 ° for 18 minutes.
4.Make and cut the vegetables.
5.To heat the oil I went to medium flames in a skillet, then put the vegetables together.
6.Get the vegetables from time to time for about 5/7 minutes.
Boiled with white wine.
8.Ultimate with salt.
9. Add the rice and continue cooking for a further two minutes.

And now disorganized disorder takes shape!
Place the rice in the dish, place a shrimp in the center and adorn it with thyme and fennel.
The course continues with the preparation of four risotto: risotto with violet spinach and radicchio, risotto with pumpkin, parmesan cheese and mint, rice with venison with coral, lemon and
Parsley and cherry, rice with basil, peas, mushrooms, sesame sauce and soy sauce.
All seasoned” by different techniques, but with a single common denominator: the mastery of the results!

Before leaving a click copyright where the passion and the rigor that chef Renato Bernardi dedicates “to his rice”: from preparation to seasoning through the finish of the dish.
A chef’s gourmet risotto