“Haute cuisine is not a thing for the fearful, you have to have imagination, be rash, try the impossible and not allow anyone to set limits just because you are what you are, your only limit is your heart. What I always say is true, anyone can cook but only the intrepid can become great. ” (Based on the film “Ratatouille”)

The haute cuisine, what a great privilege to be a part of it!
A mix of heart, intuition, will, tenacity, flair, elegance, dedication and with that pinch of quid that makes any dish a dish of excellence!

Today, in this regard, I serve you on a silver tray the taste interview with chef Floriano Pellegrino, born in 1990.

Floriano Pellegrino on 22nd January 2018 was one of the two Italian chefs awarded by the prestigious magazine “Forbes“, in the category “art and culture”, “30 under 30 Europe”, as the most representative face of the mission “designing the future”.

A recognition of great caliber that celebrates the innate passion shown since childhood in the family farm and grows among diversified experiences with an international flavor.

The start-up of the awards takes place at the age of 18 when he gets the “Best Commis for the Bocuse d’Or” award.
In 2016 he won the following prizes: “Top di Domani“, “Touring Club”, “Surprise of the year” for Identità Golose and “Premio Vent’Anni” for San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna.
In 2017, with his restaurant Bros’ (inaugurated on December 26th 2015) in Lecce, he obtained the “Performance of the Year” award for the Espresso Guides, reaching 3 hats.

A professional paththat, thanks to an international modus operandi, guides the chef to cutting-edge culinary experiments.

For example, within his restaurant, Bros’ has tested several projects.

Among others, the one on the “Mediterranean gustative background” stands out, that is the memory of taste. Acid, acetate, bitter, salty, brackish, rancid.

An impervious route that has impressed a strong matrix in the restaurant, so much so as to become a destination for gastronomic tourism.

Floriano Pellegrino

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Floriano Pellegrino

Floriano Pellegrino

Good morning chef, the first question I would like to ask you is: “You have been awarded by the” Forbes List 2018″.
A presence of great excellence for you and its restaurant Bros’ di Lecce.
What was the ingredient that allowed it to achieve such a high recognition?
Surely one of the reasons that allowed me to get such recognition is hard work.
Since I started imagining and wanting to realize the Bros’ project, I believed in every single choice, in every step I had to take, in every risk I had to take.
There is so much sacrifice, so many hours of work and many few rest, there is so much passion and a great desire to grow and improve day by day.

Strong of its international curriculum, how would you define your kitchen?
I could define my kitchen in three adjectives: conceptual, minimalist and most of all “rooted”. Rooted means closely linked and linked to what our territory offers as a culture, as well as ingredients.
It is precisely because of this strong bond that since the opening of our restaurant we have decided to propose menus that could vary with each season


4 different menus for 12 different months


Every season has its own products, every season has its own taste: we try to bring the territory to the table respecting the times and the flavors.

What is the dish that was a child and how would you propose it now?
The dish I used to do as a child? The lasagna! I think I will never consider the idea of proposing it again today, perhaps revisiting it … There are dishes that must not and can not be touched. They are those and such must remain, if only for a still vivid memory that must remain unchanged.

Of great synergy is the idea of organizing “impossible dinners” in his restaurant with star chefs.
Impossible dinners is a project of cultural, artistic, technical and gastronomic experimentation that we wanted to achieve. Born from the desire to enrich the Salento experience of professionals of excellence in the world of gastronomy. It consists in hosting starred chefs, in our restaurant in Lecce to share their recipes with 30 lucky guests.
That’s why we decided to call them impossible dinners.

I sincerely thank chef Floriano Pellegrino for giving the interview to my blog.

An interview in which the belief strongly transpires towards his work and his territory (Salento). All seasoned with international contaminations that make the chef’s cuisine even worthy outside the national territory.
Floriano Pellegrino, the pride of Italian cuisine abroad!
At the next tasty interview!